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Famed as the location to enjoy the "Dondra Watch", the Hill Safari Eco Lodge is the ideal destination for trekkers, adventure seekers and nature lovers. The bungalow which is hidden amidst a tea plantation consists of 5 rooms while the 2 rooms in the new wing offers unparallel views of the Ohiya Gap and beyond while on clear days you are able to spot the Dondra Lighthouse over 100km away in the deep south coastal bed of the island. Trekking expeditions can be arranged as a 7 day programme or cater to your requirements according to where you want to visit.


Opening doors to a trekker's paradise, the Hill Safari Eco Lodge is located in Ohiya which is well known as one of the most scenic hill stations of the island. The property is a bungalow which has been refurbished and extended and it lies in the Lower Bray Estate which is a tea plantation covering a land of 50 acres. The tea plantation is located at an elevation of nearly 7500 feet. Ohiya is a rural village that is located in the Badulla District which is closer to the Horton Plains National Park. The Colombo-Badulla railway runs through this picturesque town and the station is about 4.5 km away from the lodge while driving from Colombo can be a bit long but memorable. Public transport options include a bus route that runs via Boralanda.


A number of 5 guest rooms are available at the Hill Safari Eco Lodge in Ohiya while there are 3 bedrooms in the old wing and 2 in the new wing. All rooms are charming, comfortably furnished and consists of attached bathrooms with hot water facilities since Ohiya boasts of a salubrious yet cool climate. The new wing rooms have become the favoured booking since they are located facing the Ohiya gap that offers panoramic views while on a clear day you might be able to spot the Dondra Lighthouse in the South coast. The new rooms also boast of modern furnishings and a private observation deck.


The Hill Safari Eco Lodge is located within a tea estate while the drive from the turning point of the estate can be a bit rough. Upon request, the owner can send their own vehicle up to the turning point to get your luggage while you can enjoy a walk up to the bungalow which is about 750 meters away. The cuisine that is available at the lodge is mainly local while packed meals can be arranged during your trekking expeditions. The Hill Safari Eco Lodge is well known for organizing some of the most memorable treks while the new agenda includes a 7 day trekking programme. The lodge is a basic facility bungalow which offers games and other facilities while it is mainly a place that you can relax and probably enjoy a cool fresh water bath outside closer to the bungalow as well. It is ideal for those seeking nature and adventure away from modern contraptions.


The Hill Safari Eco Lodge in Ohiya can be the base to explore many places of interest in and around the area. The Horton Plains National Park, the World's End Precipice, Bakers Falls, Kirigalpotte Mountain and the Thotapolakande Mountain are less than an hour's drive away from the Eco lodge. One of the most memorable excursions from the Hill Safari Eco Lodge would be through Haputale, Beragala, Koslanda, Diyaluma Waterfalls, Wellawaya with ruins of Maligawila and Buduruwagala, Rawana Ella Waterfall, Ella, Bandarawela and back. Other attractions in the area include the Ohiya Forest, Udaweriya Estate and its surroundings, the Devil's Staircase, Bambarakanda Falls via the Udaweriya Estate and the Mountain of Rahangala.


The property boasts an excellent location for hiking and trekking.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly.

Bird Watching

There are many forest plots that attract birds which make Ohiya ideal for bird watching enthusiasts

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